Registration is now Open for Packs & Individuals

Ready to register for camp? Click the link above to begin the registration process. Below are a few notes to remember.

  • Tiger Cubs MUST have a parent or guardian with them while in camp, remember its a joint adventure. Tiger parents must wear their camp t-shirt everyday.
  • Full time volunteers will receive two (2) t-shirts, part-time volunteers will only receive one. Tiger Parents will receive two t-shirts.
  • Refund applies to one scout per full time or equivalent part-time (two parents sharing a full time slot). If you have two Scouts in camp and both parents are full time volunteers you receive two discounts.
  • is the official source for all information related to the Northern Ridge Cub Camp. Please be sure to check back frequently for changes or updates that we may have.
  • Do you have a special request, pair with another scout, want to work the Archery or BB Range? Fill out the form below.
    • Special Request are NOT guaranteed to be honored, they are handled on a case by case basis. Bottom line, don't assume it will happen.
    • Special Request will not open until March 1st.

Are you an Adult that would like to help at camp but all your youth have gone on to a higher level program? Below is the registration for adults that are not associated with a Cub Scout Pack.