Forms Needed

Volunteer Forms Required

There are a few forms and certificates that we will need from you the adult volunteers in order for you to be in camp.  Below are all the items every adult volunteer must provide prior to camp.

BSA Health Form & Insurance Card

Parts A & B with a copy of your health insurance card are required for camp.   Because there is no overnight stay involved with day camp, you will NOT need part C of the form.    

Please note:  Part B of the form is 2 pages, both are required.   A copy of your health insurance card is also required. (Front & Back)

Training Certificates

All are required to have Youth Protection Training and Weather Hazards Training.     See our training page for more details.

Adult Volunteer Code of Conduct and Covid  Health and Safety Policy

A signed copy of the Code of Conduct and the Covid Health and Safety Policy needs to be submitted for every volunteer at camp.  

2023-Code of Conduct.pdf

Use the form below to upload the required forms to us.   

The form below does require you to login in order to upload your forms.    Google will guide you through the process of either creating a google account or masking an additional account to google.      DO NOT email your forms.   We will not accept forms through email.   You will be requested to use this form.