2023 Cub Camp Achievement Information:

 The following adventures were covered at Northern Ridge Cub Camp 2023. Please note that in some cases Scouts are required to complete certain requirements with their Family, Den or Pack to complete all the required activities. Some adventures also require continued activities over a period of time to complete the requirement.   Last Updated - 7/24/2023

2023 NRCC Achievements - Tiger.pdf
2023 NRCC Achievements - Bear.pdf
2023 NRCC Achievements - Wolf.pdf
2023 NRCC Achievements - Webelos.pdf
2023 NRCC Achievements- AOL.pdf

2023 Shooting Sports:

Last Updated - 7/24/2023

2023 ShootingSportsAward - Webelos.pdf
2023 ShootingSportsAward - AOL.pdf