New Tent-A-Roo Registration

AAC has moved to Tent-a-roo as their registration system. If you haven’t had the pleasure of working with it yet, here are some tips and tricks to help you through Cub Camp Registration.


  • Cub camp registration will now be handled by the Pack vs. by the Individual.
  • One person in your pack, either Cubmaster or Committee Chair, has the Tent-a-roo Login and Password.
  • The Pack will collect money from attendees and pay for everyone. You may choose to collect a $40 deposit to hold their spots, or pay the $120 up front. **Note: AOL and Webelos ranks fill up fast. It’s a good idea to put a deposit on them to reserve a spot.
  • All full-time volunteers will receive their rebates in the form of a check after camp is finished.
  • Units will sign up for a time slot to turn in their health forms, Youth Protection Training(YPT) certificates, Hazardous Weather certificates, etc… There will be multiple times and days in the weeks leading up to Cub Camp. No more last minute scramble!
  • Your Pack will be able to run their own reports to see who is registered, or not, and to make sure you have the correct volunteer ratio.
  • You can register people now, later, or now and later! You can pay as people sign up, or pay all at once. You have control of your roster and registration.
  • Click the "register" button above.

Stays the Same:

  • Rising Tigers must attend camp with an Adult Partner (Tiger Parent). Adult Partners do not count towards the Volunteer ration for the Pack.
  • All Packs must provide 1 Full-Time Adult Volunteer for every 3 youth they register. ****A full-time shift may be split, but all days must be covered to count towards the ratio.
  • Full time Adult volunteers may register potty trained kids 3 years old – Rising K in the Tot Lot for $45.
  • Full time Volunteers may register 2nd grade through 5th grade siblings in the grade appropriate scout program.
    • *If you have a rising 1st grade (Tiger) sibling, the parent must attend with the child and the adult does not count towards the volunteer ratios.
  • Girls and Boys will be assigned to separate dens. Girls will have at least 1 female den guide. Girl and Boy dens may rotate together through the sessions and work side by side.
  • All volunteers that are not a registered leader in the BSA must fill out an adult application. We will not be filing them but we are required by National and Council to do so. Think of it as a job application.

Tips and Tricks:

You are welcome to dive headfirst into Tent-a-roo, but it would be helpful to collect some information first! We highly recommend your unit designate one person to collect registration information and forms for your Pack's participants.

Collect the following information from your Pack:

  • Basic Info for All attendees:
    • Name
    • DOB
    • Gender
    • Shirt Size
    • Contact Info
    • Emergency Contact Info
  • Scouts (Rising 1st – 5th Grade):
    • Basic info for all attendees, plus:
    • Grade as of 6/1/2020
    • (optional)BSA ID
  • Non-scouts (Rising 1st – 5th Grade):
    • Basic info for all attendees, plus:
    • Must have a full-time adult volunteer to register non-scout siblings.
    • Grade as of 6/1/2020
    • For the Rank, chose the one that corresponds to their Grade as of 6/1/2020. (ex. 2nd=Wolf, 5th=AOL)
  • Tot Lot:
    • Basic info for all attendees, plus:
    • Must have a full-time adult volunteer to register in tot-lot.
    • For Grade, choose N/A
    • For Rank, leave blank.
  • Adult Volunteers:
    • Basic info for all attendees, plus:
    • Days Volunteering (Full Week vs. Specific Days),
    • Volunteer position preference
      • Program – Wolf – AOL
      • Program – Woodworking, Hiking, Sports, Arts and Craft
      • Den Guide
      • Shooting Sports
      • Tot Lot
      • Floater – Any Available Area
  • Tiger Adult Volunteers:
    • Basic info for all attendees, plus:
    • Collect same info as Adult Volunteers except Choose Tiger Adult Volunteer.

Note: Tiger Adult Volunteers do not count towards your Pack’s volunteer ratio of 1 Adult for every 3 Scouts.

Thoughts? Feedback? Questions? Email the registrar, Salee Norton, at registrar@nrcubcamp.org. Remember, a Scout(er) is kind!