About Troop NR18

Troop N18 is what we call the contingent of youth volunteers at Northern Ridge Cub Camp. Arrange as a BSA Troop with a Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmasters and a youth leadership team (PLC). The youth manage themselves within the guidelines of BSA and perform many of the tasks here at camp. The Troop is responsible for many things inclded below is a short list;

  • Opening & Closing Ceremonies each day
  • Last day campfire program (Skits, etc)
  • Den Chief duties (both with a den and at program areas)
  • Monitoring youth moral

Do you want to be part of Troop NR18? We would love to have you.


As with all we do in Scouting, training is required to be a member of the camp staff, whether it's as a youth or as an adult. Troop NR18 has the following youth staff training requirements:

  • Den Chief Training within the last 2 years. If it expires before or during camp you MUST retake it. It is the Scouts responsibility to provide proof of training.
  • Camp Orientation Training - Required each year.