Cub Camp Registration Information

Are you ready to register? (Registration is Open)

Please review the Camp fees, Volunteer Info, and Cancellation Policy below. Review the Covid-19 Camp policies before registering.

Need Tentaroo Help? Visit our Tent-A-Roo page for more information.

PACKS - Register a RISING Tiger, Tiger Adult Partner, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, AOL, Tot, or Full-Time Adult Volunteer.

  • To register an Adult volunteer that is not associated with a Pack, or a Troop, click HERE.

  • To register a ScoutsBSA Youth Volunteer, go to the Troop NR18 Youth Volunteer page.

  • If you are have a special request for your scout, or as an Adult Volunteer, click HERE.

2022 Camp Fees:

  • $175 per Cub Scout (including Tiger Cubs and Siblings): This fee includes 2 camp t-shirts, 1 bag, water bottle, camp patch, and supplies and materials for the rank programs.

  • $75 per Tot: Full-time Adult Volunteers may register 1 potty-trained child, aged 3 - Kindergarten in the Tot Lot. This fee includes 2 camp t-shirts, 1 bag, water bottle, camp patch, and supplies and materials for the Tot Lot.

  • Full-time Volunteers will receive a rebate at the end of camp towards the registration costs of one scout. See the Volunteer Discount Page for more details.

Volunteers and Tiger Cubs at Camp:

  • Each unit must send 1 Full-time adult volunteer for every 3 youth they send to camp.

  • Tigers attending camp must have an Adult Partner attend camp with them. Tigers and Adult Partners DO NOT count towards your volunteer to scout ratio.

  • Volunteers will receive 1 camp t-shirt. Adult Tiger Partners will receive 1 camp t-shirt.

  • We are looking for Program Leads to help us organize the rank materials prior to camp. Program Leads will receive a 60% rebate at the end of camp towards one scout. Please contact the Registrar at ASAP if you are interested.

Cancellation Policy:

  • May 1st : The Last Day to Cancel with Full Refund

  • May 2nd - May 14th: Cancellation will incur a $25 penalty.

  • After May 14th: There will be no refunds from camp after May 14th. Instead, your scout will receive their camp t-shirts, bag, patch, wood working projects and program materials that they can work on at home. If you have questions about the cancellation policy please contact the Admin team at .

  • If your scout must be sent home from camp due to Covid-19, we will follow our Cancellation Policy above for May 16th and package all materials for your scout to complete at home.