Adult Training Requirements

Adult Volunteer Training Requirements

National BSA requires all adult volunteers to have certain training in order to participate in camp. The National Camp School accreditation process which your camp directors are keenly familiar with. We are required to ensure all volunteers meet certain requirements for training in order for the camp to happen.  Because of the way this is step up, if you are unable to take the training required, the camp directors have no other option but to not allow you to participate in camp and may impact the required 3:1 youth to adult volunteer ration required by your unit. What does this all mean? Don't take the training and it may not be only your children that can't attend camp two others may be impacted as well.   

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Required Training for All Adults:

All adult volunteers are required to have current training certificates for...

CPR/AED is optional

Additional Role Specific Requirements:

Shooting Sports Team:

Scoutmaster & Assistant Scoutmasters:

Shooting Sports Director:

Director Level: