Cub Scout Family 

Cub Scout Family Policy

By now everyone should be at least a little familiar with the changes to the Cub Scouting program, called Cub Scout Family. You have probably heard this or that about the changes, what’s allowed and what’s not. I can tell you there a more rumors than facts at this point of the game. However, by the fall of 2018 this will all be clear to everyone. In the meantime, it is important to note that girls in camp is nothing new to Northern Ridge Cub Camp. We have had girl dens for a number of years and will continue to do so, all be it in a new format. If you noticed on the page the program levels are now titled with “Boys and Girls” we will have dens that are girl dens at all levels of the Cub Scout Program. The exception being Tigers, parents need to accompany Tigers in camp. So here are a few guidelines you will need to know as a Pack Leader or Parent.   

 If the girl is associated with a Pack, i.e. she joined pack xyz. If she is attending at the Wolf through AOL level the Scout will be counted like every other from that Pack. Do her parents need to volunteer? Well that depends on the 3:1 ration for your pack…. The registration will be verified by camp directors through the unit leaders.

 If the girl is attending but hasn’t joined Cub Scouts and does not intend to (think sibling here).  Does one of her parents need to volunteer?  Yes, they will.    She will be in a den according to age.

First year Boy Scouts and similar age girls (10.5-11 or 6th grade).  These youths require an adult volunteer in camp due to their proximity to the age of the Cub Scouts. All girls that volunteer 6th grade and above will be part of Troop NR18 or Youth Leadership for Northern Ridge Cub Camp.

 Girls dens will have at least one female adult volunteer and a female den chief assigned if available.  Remember, we can’t force the youth to volunteer so if we can’t get enough volunteers we can’t assign a den chief.