Covid-19 Response

Northern Ridge Cub Camp Update May 13, 2021

We are placing a huge emphasis on Health and Safety at this year’s Cub Camp.

Some of the things we are doing are:

  • Camper and Volunteer health screenings upon arrival each day

  • Social distancing dens from other dens

  • Eliminating high risk, close contact activities from this year’s program

  • Providing sanitization stations across camp

  • Mandating face masks, and the proper wearing of those masks by all campers and volunteers

  • Reducing sizes of Dens to help limit contacts even within a den. Projected size is 6 Scouts per den. 1 Den Guide per Den. And 1 Den Chief per den (if available).

  • Providing greater isolation between Program Volunteers and Campers to further minimize contacts

  • Putting in place safer protocols for water bottle refilling

  • Reducing shared items within a den to help reduce contact even within a den

  • Providing contactless water bottle refilling whereby one adult wearing gloves will operate the water cooler for all scouts. Scouts will open their own bottles and have them filled by one person.

  • Not allowing visitors onsite during camp

The safety of the Scouts and Volunteers is our #1 priority!

Previous Updates

What is still the same as of today, May 13, 2021?

  1. Currently we are planning for the week of June 1-3 and we are closely taking the recommendation of Government officials & the CDC as more information and guidance comes out.

  2. Volunteer to Scout ratio is still 1 full-time adult for every 3 scouts attending camp from your unit.

  3. We still plan to include Shooting Sports, both Archery and BB Guns, and Woodworking for all Scouts. We will include many of the program activities that our Scouts have done from year to year.

What will be different this year at our twilight camp?

  1. Smaller Camp Size - Camp size is reduced by 50% this year. We have space for 8 Tigers, 36 Wolves, 36 Bears, 36 Webelos, and 36 Arrow of Light scouts. We have space for 6 youth in our Tot Lot for Full-Time volunteers. Registration is first come, first served and we will prioritize registered Cub Scouts, over non-registered siblings and youth.

  2. Mandatory Mask Wearing and Health Screening - Everyone at camp (including campers, Adult, and Youth Volunteers) will wear a mask and submit their health screening questionnaire before being allowed on site. If you pass the health screening, you will be given a wristband to wear at camp. The wristband is our way of knowing that you have been been screened and are symptom free for each day.

  3. Contact Tracing - Our Dens are smaller this year to minimize possible Covid-19 spread. The den of 6 scouts, 1 den guide, and 1 den chief (if available) will travel from station to station with their supplies. At each station, the Den guide is responsible for assisting the Den with the program materials. The Program Leader will set out the supplies for each Den and speak, but they must maintain 6 feet of distance from the den. If a member of a Den becomes sick with symptoms of Covid-19, they will be sent to the Health Office and our Health Officer will determine if the person needs to go home. No one else from the den needs to leave unless the person has a Covid-19 positive test and then the entire Den must leave camp. Through Contact Tracing, we will know where the den was, who was in close contact with them, and who else may need to leave camp. Close contact is defined as 15-minutes or more, within 6 feet, or less. There will be no visitors allowed at camp.

  4. Reducing Spread - We have removed the following activities where we are unable to sanitize, or allow for social distancing: Touch a Truck, Fire Truck Spray Down, Trading Post, and the Campfire Program. We have rearranged the schedule to keep the programs the scouts love and have added STEM this year. We will maintain at least 6 feet between dens. Within the den, we will maintain 3-6 feet between scouts as much as possible. Everyone will wear a mask, unless they are eating, or drinking - 6 feet distancing is required during mask-off times.

  5. Cancellations and Refunds - May 1st is the last day to cancel with a Full refund. May 2nd - May 15th cancellations will incur a $25 penalty. After May 16th, there will be no monetary refunds given.

What you should do at this time:

  1. REGISTRATION: Please contact your Pack's camp coordinator, or Cubmaster, to register your scout. Registration is first come, first serve. We will give priority to scouts with Adult volunteers, and registered scouts over non-registered youth/siblings.

  2. VOLUNTEERS: If you are an adult or youth volunteer 14 years or older, take Youth Protection Training and Hazardous Weather Training upload your forms using the form on this site.

  3. ALL ATTENDEES: Complete the health forms on your computer for each family member who is attending our camp. I HIGHLY recommend downloading the fill-able pdf, complete it for each family member and save to your computer. This way you have a copy ready each time your pack or council event asks for a copy.. 001_AB.pdf